I wish it could vanish

For I am breathless

And restless

And sleepless

I wish it could vanish

For I am livid

And bruised

And hurt

I wish it could vanish

For I am pensive

And defensive

And reflective

I wish it could vanish

For sanity

And propriety

And stability

I wish it could vanish

In all its forms

And conforms

And frames

I wish it could vanish

For humanity to prevail

And flourish

And brandish

I wish it could vanish

The hate

And hatred

And enmity

The multifaceted candle

The sleek thin bundle of energy

Throwing candescence and

Clearing the darkness around


The inimitable power house

Flowing through the paths

Soliciting solidarity and protest


The soft, tender and glowing

Making a day for someone

Memorable and remarkable


The interminable faith in hands

At the altar in His abode

Seeking blessing and forgiveness


The Strength and the believe

The power to exact guilt

By Confessing and confiding



Are we keeping our promises to our creator?

Goodwill amongst the brethren of this world

Are we keeping our promises to our world?

Spreading harmony, unity and humanity

Are we keeping our promises to our motherland?

Save her dignity from extremism and atrocities

Are we keeping our promise to our life?

Help and support others to help ourselves

Are we keeping our promises to our conscience?

Humility, servility and sensibility towards all

Are we keeping our promises for generations?

Duties, responsibilities, ideals and servitude

A vibrant appeal

I am reblogging the desire of a very erudite personality Ngobesing Romanus. I think world will definitely benefit by his talks….

Success Inspirers' World

Hello friend!
Today, I am launching a vibrant appeal. I want you to help me or pass this on to someone who can help me.

I want opportunities to talk to teachers. It could be future teachers who are still in training or teachers who are already in the field. I am ready to go to any part of the world to do this if I am invited.

Who can make this possible? Do you know a forum in which I can talk to teachers? I have gold to pass on to teachers about their profession. I mean what I say.

I want to talk to teachers about the gold they have in their hands called teavching; and how they can use it to change the world.

I like also to talk to educationists; those who define education policy in their countries.

I want to address Parliaments on education, teaching…

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I am careful with my existence

And living only on subsistence

He has been very kind enough

Though equally gentle and tough

For my path is never obvious

Always uneasy and ambiguous


I am careful with my actions

And don’t want any return or reactions

Looking to serve the humanity

With all sanity and sanctity

Never intend to fail myself

Will forever try and test self


I am careful what I leave here

Goodwill and blessings and not curse

Sanity and reason and not mistake

Peace and amity and not turbulence

Remembered and not forgotten

Blessed and adored and not cursed