Speech speaks volume and not silence

Work speaks volume and not idleness

Strength speaks volume and not weakness

Success speaks volume and not failures

Charity speaks volume and not meanness

Arrogance speaks volume and not meekness

Agility speaks volume and not slowness

Why? Bizarre and Senseless?

But no I think so!

Because World understands this volume

We have been fed and bred with this volume

We revere power and despise the infirm

Someday sometime it will change

And virtue and vice will be one and the same



Humanity in filth and flagrance

Thoughts and care always in dalliance

We abhor poverty and penury

And marginalise indigent and needy

We fail to acknowledge an orphan

Not even recognise a disabled clan

We accuse, ascertain and blame

Knowing nothing about the game

Where is that lost tenderness?

Have we lost that goodness?

And mortgaged that kindness?

Tender thoughts lost forever

And belief is lost for the believer

We need to push that envelope further

For tenderness is a great leveller

Be tender towards humanity

Be tender towards depravity

Don’t make tenderness elusive

And also don’t make it evasive

Let it flourish and groom

For humanity to prosper and bloom