I am careful with my existence

And living only on subsistence

He has been very kind enough

Though equally gentle and tough

For my path is never obvious

Always uneasy and ambiguous


I am careful with my actions

And don’t want any return or reactions

Looking to serve the humanity

With all sanity and sanctity

Never intend to fail myself

Will forever try and test self


I am careful what I leave here

Goodwill and blessings and not curse

Sanity and reason and not mistake

Peace and amity and not turbulence

Remembered and not forgotten

Blessed and adored and not cursed


13 thoughts on “BE CAREFUL

  1. Hullo confabler….I am fine with blogging fraternity and thanks for being a vivid follower of breathingpark….thanks a lot dear….so we start convo regularly…fine with you…..bloggers need supporters like you..

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  2. Beautiful purpose is expressed here. Thank you for sharing. I too, aspire to be a great citizen of the world. We are here to be of service to others in a most humbling way. We become our most authentic selves through giving…Thank you again for sharing.


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