Mother Nature has provided us with many marvels. The vast expanse of the sky, the mammoth mountains and peaks, the deep sea and oceans, the corals and archipelagos, the rich flora and fauna, the glaciers and icebergs, the insect, bird and animal kingdom- all sustaining in harmony.  These miracles provide a sense of stability and security to the living kind. Have we ever felt threatened by this creativity of the Mother Nature? Hardly ever. We invade the sky regularly and threaten it with our misadventure but even then whether it has ever retaliated? We try to scale the peaks but do they ever feel intimidated? We try to reign in the oceans only to get a smooth sailing in return. How hard we try to disturb the flora and fauna of this world, they only provide us means of living. The animal kingdom wants to survive despite the menace of poaching. We have breached the sky, mountains, oceans, flora and fauna for our need and greed. Little do we think that the nature is very gracious to us despite our indiscretion? Have we gone too far in meddling with the sanctity of the Mother Nature? Have we been brutally intrusive to its domain? Have we not been callous to Mother Nature in search of our unscrupulous demand from it? How far the nature can tolerate our misdemeanor? Despite our indignant attitude towards the Mother Nature, it always forgives us for our incestuous behavior. We should respect the nature. Even if we have interfered a long way into the sovereignty of nature, we should appreciate its benevolence towards mankind. We should be humble in our treatment of the nature so that its decency is not defeated, modesty is not mauled, goodness is not gutted and benevolence is not busted.



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