Men and women are physiologically different. God was not impartial when He gave women the womb to carry, the one thing which makes women far superior to men cytogenetically, socially and emotionally.  This one aspect of discrimination towards men makes the idea of gender equality a non-starter. The protagonists of dominance of feminism are a confused lot when they think that women in the office and men in the home with kids can make their crusade even. They fail to understand that God made the difference not for the purported gender inequality but for the men and women to carry forward their life together and equally. The normal physiology of giving birth to a child by a female also makes the females more logical companion of the child and where males can never score any point. The idea of a division between men and women emanates from the way the society thinks and paves way for it. It’s a failure of understanding that the two genders have similar motives and work to perform in this life. The two genders have to be like the parallel banks of a river, each having its own individuality. The two together will conjure the life like the water in the river held by the banks. They are like the two scales of a balance where so-called supremacy of one will not be able to make a balance in life as well. The very notion of striving for gender equality fancied by people will tilt the balance in favor of one or other. There may be a time in future when men will feel the same suppression by women and the vicious cycle of gaining equality will lead us to nowhere. Gender equality doesn’t mean making one superior to other but to let the society feel and accept the importance of the two genders equally. The female first attitude will harm the protagonists more than they expect because you can never change the society and its people by coercion, suppression and design. The change need to be incorporated in the psyche of the society, into the toddlers of the society, into the champions of male cause and into the minds of the people emphasizing the need for equality of the two genders respecting their individuality.


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