Nothing is ideal in this virtual or real world. Society frames the rules of idealism. They may be ideal for a particular set of people and may not be the same for a different set of people. There are people who follow these rules and others who flout them. All deserved to be the part of the society, some with insinuations and others without it. Politicians, supposed to be the flag bearer of social norms and its’ idealism, are always thought to be suspect when it comes to the same idealistic behavior by them, even though they are part of a civil society. We have seen people begging on the streets, a less than ideal condition for a societal norm. People with known integrity and intellects have always considered it as a drag to the upliftment of the society and have vouched for the eradication of poverty for such menace to end. They may not have been harsh to the urchins, but some common people like us despise them knowing their views. The so called policy makers and think tanks can deliberate into this practice in the air-conditioned talk room but have they been able to eradicate or for that matter lessened the burden of poverty for these urchins? So if the society is unable to feed them, who are going to feed them? We go to places of worship begging for something or other from the Almighty. We treat our profession, whatever it may be, as the breadwinner for us and hardly ever want it to be looked down upon. Begging doesn’t come under the aegis of a profession but it helps people for their survival. On the flip side of it is a big black hole for them, a menace society shudder even to think of, the dark alley of drug trafficking, prostitution, criminal activities etc. Do we want these beggar girls to fall into this murky world which will consume them eventually or we would like these beggar boys to become a constant threat to the society forever.  If their seeking for alms from the people who can divest some of their earnings can provide dual benefit to the marginalized as well as common peace-loving people, then there is nothing wrong in practicing begging and giving alms to these beggars. It is altogether another matter to deliberate upon the conditions which produce situations like begging and needs a thorough brain-storming session for curbing this menace, till then let’s continue begging.


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