Everybody seems to be cruising alone in this world, only the brush with fate force them to come along. And all the relationship involves this singular force in cementing or destroying this association. The crux of the matter is that fate decides the fate of a relationship, be it acceptable or abominable. Its’ destiny which design it and you are just a pawn in the hands of it. You get friends and foes, love and hatred, trust and turmoil, calmness and turbulence, achievements and failures, aplomb and brickbats, life and death here in this world due to this unseen force. Your actions and reactions are governed by this, some resigned to it and others resent it. But the final verdict is the same for everyone. Your actions are your true self but your fate dwindles. Mankind is mortal and puppets in the hands of this immortalized and sacrosanct fate, none should dare to challenge it. People are aware of that but in their zest of finding favor; they try to trump it and invariably fail and feel dejected. One should be able to buy peace with this fate. Challenging it is not an option. We have come here to perform certain duties in this world as all teachings of all religion throughout this world also suggest and we should only stick to it. We should brace ourselves for any outcome of our efforts and bow to it as a true receiver. Destiny decides the best for everyone, at times favorable and at times not so favorable. Fate has the power to make and break you. If fate has that power, then you have none to either build or destroy your life. If you don’t have that power, then also you are none either to fabricate or disintegrate your life. Though might seem illogical to the rationalists but rationality doesn’t always scores in terms of the reality of life. Though might seem an absurd thought for many but happy are those who toe the line of the fate in their lives.


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