Mother Nature has provided us with many marvels. The vast expanse of the sky, the mammoth mountains and peaks, the deep sea and oceans, the corals and archipelagos, the rich flora and fauna, the glaciers and icebergs, the insect, bird and animal kingdom- all sustaining in harmony.  These miracles provide a sense of stability and security to the living kind. Have we ever felt threatened by this creativity of the Mother Nature? Hardly ever. We invade the sky regularly and threaten it with our misadventure but even then whether it has ever retaliated? We try to scale the peaks but do they ever feel intimidated? We try to reign in the oceans only to get a smooth sailing in return. How hard we try to disturb the flora and fauna of this world, they only provide us means of living. The animal kingdom wants to survive despite the menace of poaching. We have breached the sky, mountains, oceans, flora and fauna for our need and greed. Little do we think that the nature is very gracious to us despite our indiscretion? Have we gone too far in meddling with the sanctity of the Mother Nature? Have we been brutally intrusive to its domain? Have we not been callous to Mother Nature in search of our unscrupulous demand from it? How far the nature can tolerate our misdemeanor? Despite our indignant attitude towards the Mother Nature, it always forgives us for our incestuous behavior. We should respect the nature. Even if we have interfered a long way into the sovereignty of nature, we should appreciate its benevolence towards mankind. We should be humble in our treatment of the nature so that its decency is not defeated, modesty is not mauled, goodness is not gutted and benevolence is not busted.

The conundrum called dilemma

The conundrum called dilemma

Human, animal or insects

White, black or brown

Hispanics, African or Asian

Temple, Mosque or Church

Ram, Mohammed or Christ

And the dilemma continues

Have or Have-nots

Strong, powerful or weak

Masculinity or femininity

Males, females or others

Original or aboriginal

No way out still

Fanatics or conservatives

Achievers or non-achievers

Affluent or impoverished

Mine or yours

Start or end


Shiny shiny sunshine award



Thank you very much for nominating me for the sunshine award…I am really indebted Jia. This is the third nomination for me since I joined wordpress few months back and I really like getting these nominations. Though I have not been a regular on blogging but whenever I happen to be here I get instant sanity. with its fabler series has never stopped me from getting trumped…a very abstract writing… I would like myself to be as perfect as jia is…I like the symphony of the write ups here…thanks dear for an uniue experience through your writing skills…

Answers to her questions-

  1. If you were to choose an insect that would take over the world after human extinction, who would that be?


  1. How old were you when you first read Harry Potter? And your favorite author of course?

Hahaha…very clever…very late  at perhaps 32 years of age

Mark Twain

  1. If you were invisible what is the craziest thing that you would do?

Kidnap Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

  1. what food makes you feel like a hungry hyena?


  1. A song that makes you dream?

I just called to say I love Stevie Wonder

  1. Have you ever planted a tree?


  1. Choose your man: superman/ Spiderman/ iron man and if he was your best friend one thing that you would make him do?

Spiderman…make me swing between two buildings

  1. How much time do you spend in front of the mirror everyday?

Least possible time…I am anyway losing my hairs

  1. why you started blogging and tell us about the post enjoyed the most making.Someone cajoled me to….of course the title post ‘breathing park’

10. Which social media platform are you addicted to (including WordPress

Not one in particular…may be simple sms..

My nominees are-


My Questions to you-

  1. Are you a devoted blogger or a casual one?
  2. What makes you cry?
  3. Which is the best profession in the world?
  4. What do you do in your leisure time..besides wordpress activity?
  5. What fascinate you more- sea or a mountain?
  6. Who is the hero in your life?
  7. What is your unfulfilled dream?
  8. A past you would like to change forever.
  9. Whom do you bank upon the most in your time of distress?
  10. Which pet you want to be a part of your life?

Thank you Jia again for making me and my blog special.



Could it get any better? Sunshine award from O’Shine himself!  Thank you for nominating me.I appreciate it. It has been a little over three weeks since I started blogging and I found som…

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Whom should I consider a stylish?

The crusaders of this world

Or the defenders at the post

The Casanovas of this world

Or the stylish divas on the ramp

The heroes and heroines

Or the movers and shakers

The scientists or economists

Or the achievers and getters

The monks and priests

Or the givers and philanthropists

Whom should I consider a stylist?

For me there is only one stylish

He, the creator of our lives

He, the narrator of our destiny

He, the protector of our integrity

He, the moderator of our path

For me He is the only stylish!


The prevailing silence is deafening

The tolerant have lost their voice

The honest have lost their choice

The crusaders have become mum

The world is full of gloom and glum


The prevailing silence is deafening

The marauders are on the rampage

The world is facing furore and rage

The dread and terror succeeding

The peace and calm languishing


The prevailing silence is deafening

The silence of prudent and sane

The dominance of evil and insane

The silence of preacher and saint

The prevalence of mighty and taint




I want to hike to a lonely place

Where I look for my own space

Far from the madding crowd

Away from sound and surround

Where I find it difficult to get

Sadness, grief and unrest

And along with me comes

Happiness, joy and exuberance

Where I don’t want the baggage

Of my sin, offence and sacrilege

And where I could relish and rejoice

My independence and my choice

I want to hike to that lonely place

Where there is only love and embrace


I never care for the outcome

Expected or unexpected

I also don’t care for the process

Diligent or indifferent

I don’t bother about the efforts

Gargantuan or minuscule

I never look at the burden

Large or small

I never care for reprehension

Brutal or subtle

But I do care for the passion

Total and complete

I do believe in being passionate

About everything in life

One should be passionate

Of what you think and execute