Rationalization banks upon the simple and spartan thoughts. You feel sorry for some bad incidence, joyous for some happy incidence, agitated for some raucous incidence and despondent for some illogical incidence. All these response are normal and appropriate. But people at times don’t behave properly and as desired. They fail to rise to the occasion when it matters the most. Their thoughts, behavior and actions are absurd. People blame a certain gender for the crime against that particular gender, blame persons wearing certain clothes which they think is inappropriate, blame other religion for the downfall of their own, blame history for the ills of the present and blame rationalists for the protection of the sycophants. We have been provided with the collective assets of brain, soul and our conscience to think rational and have been supposed to be bred up to behave appropriately. Then why it is so that people behave in an archaic manner? In a manner which is not at all in sync with the general perception. They are irrational and absurd because they are in fact insecure, unsound and vulnerable to the society and its norms. They are also able to influence a sizeable population of the society with similar insecurity and rhetoric. They fail to size up to their own thoughts rationally and try to insinuate their raucous thoughts into others. We should be aware of their tactics and counter their absurd thoughts with all our might.


3 thoughts on “THEATER OF THE ABSURD

  1. Thanks for nominating me. I am a new blogger and you rightly recognized that I am not an impulsive blogger at present. I would love to be a compulsive blogger than a reclusive one. I will pay heed to your advice. I appreciated your thoughts on ‘Please don’t leave me’ and I acknowledge that friends and acquaintances need to be preserved as they are rare entities in your life.


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