Life is beautiful but full of paradox. It has its own behavioral pattern and an agenda for all. There are many aspects of life which doesn’t go pari passu with the logical end of the events. It is a mirage which has the capacity to stun you every time you think it to fall in line with your wishes. Each event in life has the potential of being a hit or a miss. It is also possible that a hit or a miss can be the end point for the same person. For the same event, it may be the high point for some with respect to one and low point with respect to some other one. Don’t you think that the assassination of the Mahatma Gandhi was the pinnacle for the killer and nadir for the world –a hit or a miss or vice versa? Life’s paradox has a shocking, stunning, staggering and stupefying impact on your nubile thinking. At times one feel incapacitated by its ways and there is no way out but to submit oneself to annihilation. Is it possible for the mortal humans to break these shackles of paradoxical life with its already chained thoughts and actions? So, life always has its ways – the manner, motive, measure and means may be different but the impact is the same. One should be careful in negotiating the paradox of life, only if one has the inkling of the same. A hit can never be a hit forever and same is true for a miss. Wait for your turn of a hit or a miss because life always provide you with one to salvage your position vis-à-vis your date with the event.



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