God made this universe and send Adam and Eve to inhabit the world with their likes. Both must have had their share of responsibilities to make a habitable, equitable, civilized and harmonious world order. Adam and Eve would complement each other in the development of the society, where the two would have equal duties, responsibilities, shares and dividends. Slowly Adam became aggressive, arrogant, abrasive and abusive and Eve defeated, discredited, disparaged and denied. This was not the world order He wanted to have. Today, the Eves suffer right from inside the womb to inside the tomb. The thoughts of gender discrimination and subsequent annihilation before she actually sees the light of the day is itself a sad commentary of her status in the society. Come parents and their likes where she is the constantly deprived facet of the family, wherein all better is for the Adams and all bad for the Eves. The conundrum of sons, brothers, fathers, and their ilk constantly reminds the daughters, sisters, mothers of their inadequacies in the set up called society. The mothers can’t shape the future of their children, the wives can’t shape the future of their homes and the daughters can’t shape the future of their family order. The divorced, widows, single mothers, those with second marriages and those with live-in relationships are despised instead of being treated at par with those males whose status is the same as these females. The occupational hazard of being a deprived gender reflects in the mindset of the privileged ones who rule the roost in every possible manner. The female working class, if not derided or considered inferior, are always treated as out of place in handling work at work places. It has not made a case stronger for the fairer sex that certain work has been more or less earmarked for them like hospitality, cosmetic, beauty and nursing professions which are considered as soft professions meant for them only. It has also not made their case stronger when they had to fight aggressively and sometimes in an inappropriate manner to be heard, appropriated or considered. The world order should rewind to the days of Adam and Eve and an equitable order should ensue as perhaps envisaged by Him. The present day Adam and Eve will have to come together to restore the world order as relics of the past is not going to help the present.


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