History is our past, remains unchanged and efforts to change it will always lead to a distortion of the facts. History is history, revealed or not, will always be a mystery because no one is there to represent it today. There have always been speculations about any event because the historical facts are always in the past, changing the facts today will always be preposterous and may lead to travesty of facts. This mystery of the history have been analyzed and understood in one’s own way. Many derivations, deliberations, discussions, deviations and distortions have made many historical events open to critical analysis. There is a mystery involved in the true characters of many an ancient historical event which remains a travesty in the eyes of common thinking process. Chinese may have found America before Christopher Columbus and the mystery of the history continues. Did Albert Einstein really fail in mathematics in school and became the biggest wizard of modern mathematics? Was Charles Lindberg the first man to cross the Atlantic in an aircraft as some British aviators had done it eight years before? Was there any Indus civilization, the remains of which don’t fit into the history of that civilization? As Einsteins and Columbuses and Lindbergs hog the limelight in modern day world on the basis of history, there could be others who despite the pioneers of such history remains the biggest mystery of the world and they fell in the travesty of oblivion. Or for that matter do we need to explore the mystery of the history? Or should we bury those mysteries as revealing them is not going to change the present day travesties?


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