The only gift to the society which doesn’t need any redemption is daughters. They are the ones who solemnize serenity, sustainability and stability in our lives. The creator has made the two genders different with distinct characters to balance the world with the unique agenda of propagating the mankind together not only sexually but also socially. The sons represent genetically, phenotypically and socially stouter gender than the daughters. But the nature needs subtleness of the daughters more than the brazenness of the sons to proliferate the legacy of the humankind. The harmony and happiness in one’s life is brought in by the daughters. They are brought up in our society as a symbol of givers, be it preserving, begetting or sacrificing. Though it seems derogatory for the female genders to be bracketed in the category of givers but it has a platonic angle to it. Everybody meets an end and society doesn’t remember the takers but always remember the givers. Daughters have a mollifying effect on the society in general. They temper the very aggression of it by their tenderness and tenability. They bring about peace, tranquility, sobriety and contentment in this world of aggression, anger, anguish and aloofness. Daughters are like fragrance from the incense stick which has long been extinguished, like coolness in the air long after the rain has stopped or like a sermon long after it has been served.  The exact legacy of the mankind is carried not by the sons but by the daughters. The sons are heir by virtue of their upbringing and dictated position in the society and not by temperament. But the daughters are the real carriers of the social demography. Hail these daughters and their contributions to the society.



  1. Really, daughters are the flowers who give their fragrance even when they are crushed. No one has the strength to leave their home and build another house for and with an another man. Salute and hats off to all the daughters out there. 😊😊😊😊

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