Britain has been a front-runner of many a firsts in the world, the recent being the thirty percent representation of the fairer sex in the British Parliament. This seems to be a unique trend as the rough and tumble of the politics is supposed to be a male bastion altogether. Our forefathers stitched a society where different activities were segregated on the basis of gender dominance, physical endurance, education, social norms and might of the haves. And by these criteria, outdoor activities were the domain of the males whereas indoor and home activities were for the females. In their endeavor to balance the society on the basis of the fundamental functions of the two genders, they prepared a skewed version of it and let the compartmentalization of the society between the two genders flourish. Little did they foresee that as the water makes its own level, the genders should also be given the privilege of making its own level? Subverting the rights of one particular gender leads to acrimony in the society. The society should lay down a level playing field for all and let the people of the society toil equally for their chances. The fairer genders have recently invaded many a supposedly male bastion, thanks to the awareness, education, empowerment and self-belief among them. Slowly and surely these male citadels will be invaded and shared by the till now subdued and subjugated female gender. The comfort zone of the males are being intruded regularly, which usually is resisted first as a natural reaction to it; then the invasion is derided if not by force, then by arguments; and then let it be shared after many a tussle and turmoil and finally perhaps relinquishing the dominance very reluctantly. Perhaps the Darwinian’s survival of the fittest plays a major role in these skirmishes. The female genders have slowly been getting into the ambivalent domain space like hospitality, medicine, information technology, journalism, fashion etc. Some profession still not fashion in the female domain at present like judiciary, economics, policing, army, macho events etc. But the day is not far away when every male domain will be tested by the females. Whether the men will invent other forays of dominance for themselves in future or will fight it out with the fairer sex for the same territory, only time will tell? But the compensatory process will continue till the dominance is achieved, which is the fundamental nature of the mankind, sexes are immaterial.


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