There are certain rules of the game in one’s life. Come what may but these truths are part and parcel of your life. You can’t deny your very existence by the indiscretions shown by others towards you. For that matter you also can’t accept things which are in your favor by the help of people who care for you and your well-being. Every person has his or her individuality, integrity, image, idealism linked to their personality. And they are the gospel truth of one’s existence in the world and also linked to one’s survival in this world. You can bow down to the wishes of others to a certain extent only but after that you need to put your foot down. The truth is that you are an individual, your existence in this world is totally linked to you, your path towards your goal is lonely and unpredictable, your emotions are your own and rarely shared, your activity needs your efforts and not of others, the curve of your rise and fall is wholly dependent on your efforts and none else, the gain and loss in life is also entirely yours. You should never fritter away from these gospel truth because only you have to face it in your life. No one else is remotely linked to the insecurities or achievements of your life. People make themselves dependent on certain quarters because they are fed accordingly throughout their life. The conscience of a person be it wise or foolish, be it good or bad, be it humble or manipulative, be it godly or wicked, be it optimistic or pessimistic carves the graph of a person’s integrity and sustenance in this world. There are many pitfalls in the way to that gospel truth but everybody, who is surviving in the rough and tumble of this world, had to face them- some succeed some don’t. Those who succeed are winners and those who don’t are failures. But life provides them frequent opportunities after failures as well and expects them to succeed.


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