Love is the most rational and pluralistic feeling and thought in the whole armamentarium of any dictionary of life.  Love is sacrosanct with the purity, propriety, positivity and prosperity written all over it. Everyone needs love to propel self in life. Everyone must pursue his or her action with a hint of love in it. Love has lots of positive energy in it which transcends the boundary between the good and the bad. One witnesses love everywhere in cementing the relationships.  Do you need love only in a relationship which is between parents and off-springs, siblings and siblings, husbands and wives and the society approved relationships? Do you not also need love in a friendship? Can a friendship be defined if you don’t instill love in that relationship? Or for that matter in any relationship which doesn’t fall in the above category like teacher-student, employer- employee, master- help etc. You need love as a force multiplier to eventually meet your goals out of a relationship. You may also need love when you act in a negative manner. Don’t you need love in hating someone? If you don’t have that love inside you to pursue your hate campaign, you are not able to achieve the hatred you want to achieve. Would Hitler be Hitler if he didn’t pursue his hate campaign against the Jews with love for his race? it’s your love for reading which defines your academics, it’s your love for skill which defines your hobbies, it’s your love for a fight against the ills which defines your inner strength, it’s your love for competitiveness which defines your ability, it’s your love for giving which defines your philanthropy, it’s your love for sacrifice which defines your character and also it’s also your love for hate which defines your animosity. If you don’t have experienced love in your actions, it makes no sense and your act become purposeless, purported, puerile and perfunctory. Keep love alive in you to achieve what you really wish to achieve.



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