When I look at the sky

Only a blur and a haze

No stars and maze


When I look at meadows

Only a patch and a raze

No trees and graze


When I look at the fall

Only a tinge of blue

No sparkle and hue


When I look at the mountain

Only bald and scald

No thicket and wood


When I look at His pupils

Only swindler and cheat

No honest and discrete


When I look at humanity

Only apathy and animosity

No mercy and sympathy


When I look at myself

Only callous and cruelty

No benevolence and empathy


Whose mistake is this?

Only mine and yours

Not others and yores


Rationalization banks upon the simple and spartan thoughts. You feel sorry for some bad incidence, joyous for some happy incidence, agitated for some raucous incidence and despondent for some illogical incidence. All these response are normal and appropriate. But people at times don’t behave properly and as desired. They fail to rise to the occasion when it matters the most. Their thoughts, behavior and actions are absurd. People blame a certain gender for the crime against that particular gender, blame persons wearing certain clothes which they think is inappropriate, blame other religion for the downfall of their own, blame history for the ills of the present and blame rationalists for the protection of the sycophants. We have been provided with the collective assets of brain, soul and our conscience to think rational and have been supposed to be bred up to behave appropriately. Then why it is so that people behave in an archaic manner? In a manner which is not at all in sync with the general perception. They are irrational and absurd because they are in fact insecure, unsound and vulnerable to the society and its norms. They are also able to influence a sizeable population of the society with similar insecurity and rhetoric. They fail to size up to their own thoughts rationally and try to insinuate their raucous thoughts into others. We should be aware of their tactics and counter their absurd thoughts with all our might.


Life is beautiful but full of paradox. It has its own behavioral pattern and an agenda for all. There are many aspects of life which doesn’t go pari passu with the logical end of the events. It is a mirage which has the capacity to stun you every time you think it to fall in line with your wishes. Each event in life has the potential of being a hit or a miss. It is also possible that a hit or a miss can be the end point for the same person. For the same event, it may be the high point for some with respect to one and low point with respect to some other one. Don’t you think that the assassination of the Mahatma Gandhi was the pinnacle for the killer and nadir for the world –a hit or a miss or vice versa? Life’s paradox has a shocking, stunning, staggering and stupefying impact on your nubile thinking. At times one feel incapacitated by its ways and there is no way out but to submit oneself to annihilation. Is it possible for the mortal humans to break these shackles of paradoxical life with its already chained thoughts and actions? So, life always has its ways – the manner, motive, measure and means may be different but the impact is the same. One should be careful in negotiating the paradox of life, only if one has the inkling of the same. A hit can never be a hit forever and same is true for a miss. Wait for your turn of a hit or a miss because life always provide you with one to salvage your position vis-à-vis your date with the event.


Nestling into my darkness

When everything was duress

A ray of hope descended

My face and lips fended

Through the stilt was the lure

Smiling from the majestic azure

Oh there is my moon

My angel and my boon

Up above in the darkness around

My moon is the only abound

With all the fairness and brightness

With all the serenity and calmness

Oh there is my moon

My stimulus and my passion

My life out of the besieged

Rechristened and redeemed

With an open arm

With a smile and charm

Oh there is my moon

My life will remain sane

Till my moon is not in the wane

Don’t go away and asunder

My life will again plunder

Hope you listen and croon

Oh there is my moon


Mother Nature has provided us with many marvels. The vast expanse of the sky, the mammoth mountains and peaks, the deep sea and oceans, the corals and archipelagos, the rich flora and fauna, the glaciers and icebergs, the insect, bird and animal kingdom- all sustaining in harmony.  These miracles provide a sense of stability and security to the living kind. Have we ever felt threatened by this creativity of the Mother Nature? Hardly ever. We invade the sky regularly and threaten it with our misadventure but even then whether it has ever retaliated? We try to scale the peaks but do they ever feel intimidated? We try to reign in the oceans only to get a smooth sailing in return. How hard we try to disturb the flora and fauna of this world, they only provide us means of living. The animal kingdom wants to survive despite the menace of poaching. We have breached the sky, mountains, oceans, flora and fauna for our need and greed. Little do we think that the nature is very gracious to us despite our indiscretion? Have we gone too far in meddling with the sanctity of the Mother Nature? Have we been brutally intrusive to its domain? Have we not been callous to Mother Nature in search of our unscrupulous demand from it? How far the nature can tolerate our misdemeanor? Despite our indignant attitude towards the Mother Nature, it always forgives us for our incestuous behavior. We should respect the nature. Even if we have interfered a long way into the sovereignty of nature, we should appreciate its benevolence towards mankind. We should be humble in our treatment of the nature so that its decency is not defeated, modesty is not mauled, goodness is not gutted and benevolence is not busted.


Wandering into the wilderness

Deep into the woods

A vagabond in pursuit

The unlimited sky

The sprawling terrain

The springs and streams

The cuckoos and sparrows

The floras and faunas

Confused world

Animal and bird

Single and herd

A lover in pursuit

Looking for her muse

Tears in his eyes

Wails on his lips

Attached to as he is

Her fragrance and scent

Her eyes and glint

Confused world

His grit and determination

His love and passion

His angelic obsession

But he was sure

She was there

She is here

She will be there

His love forever



God made this universe and send Adam and Eve to inhabit the world with their likes. Both must have had their share of responsibilities to make a habitable, equitable, civilized and harmonious world order. Adam and Eve would complement each other in the development of the society, where the two would have equal duties, responsibilities, shares and dividends. Slowly Adam became aggressive, arrogant, abrasive and abusive and Eve defeated, discredited, disparaged and denied. This was not the world order He wanted to have. Today, the Eves suffer right from inside the womb to inside the tomb. The thoughts of gender discrimination and subsequent annihilation before she actually sees the light of the day is itself a sad commentary of her status in the society. Come parents and their likes where she is the constantly deprived facet of the family, wherein all better is for the Adams and all bad for the Eves. The conundrum of sons, brothers, fathers, and their ilk constantly reminds the daughters, sisters, mothers of their inadequacies in the set up called society. The mothers can’t shape the future of their children, the wives can’t shape the future of their homes and the daughters can’t shape the future of their family order. The divorced, widows, single mothers, those with second marriages and those with live-in relationships are despised instead of being treated at par with those males whose status is the same as these females. The occupational hazard of being a deprived gender reflects in the mindset of the privileged ones who rule the roost in every possible manner. The female working class, if not derided or considered inferior, are always treated as out of place in handling work at work places. It has not made a case stronger for the fairer sex that certain work has been more or less earmarked for them like hospitality, cosmetic, beauty and nursing professions which are considered as soft professions meant for them only. It has also not made their case stronger when they had to fight aggressively and sometimes in an inappropriate manner to be heard, appropriated or considered. The world order should rewind to the days of Adam and Eve and an equitable order should ensue as perhaps envisaged by Him. The present day Adam and Eve will have to come together to restore the world order as relics of the past is not going to help the present.


Jokes Apart….

I shall be listening to my conscience…

When I am hesitant

When I am despondent

When I am selfish

Jokes Apart…..

I shall be following the path….

Where honesty prevails

Where truthfulness dwells

Where humanity hails

Jokes Apart….

I shall be fighting against….

Injustice to mankind

Threat terror and unkind

Where freedom fails a find

Jokes Apart….

I shall try to be responsible to….

My fellows and friends

My nation and

My world

Jokes apart…

Task is herculean

But beginning well is half done

Kick start and begin


History is our past, remains unchanged and efforts to change it will always lead to a distortion of the facts. History is history, revealed or not, will always be a mystery because no one is there to represent it today. There have always been speculations about any event because the historical facts are always in the past, changing the facts today will always be preposterous and may lead to travesty of facts. This mystery of the history have been analyzed and understood in one’s own way. Many derivations, deliberations, discussions, deviations and distortions have made many historical events open to critical analysis. There is a mystery involved in the true characters of many an ancient historical event which remains a travesty in the eyes of common thinking process. Chinese may have found America before Christopher Columbus and the mystery of the history continues. Did Albert Einstein really fail in mathematics in school and became the biggest wizard of modern mathematics? Was Charles Lindberg the first man to cross the Atlantic in an aircraft as some British aviators had done it eight years before? Was there any Indus civilization, the remains of which don’t fit into the history of that civilization? As Einsteins and Columbuses and Lindbergs hog the limelight in modern day world on the basis of history, there could be others who despite the pioneers of such history remains the biggest mystery of the world and they fell in the travesty of oblivion. Or for that matter do we need to explore the mystery of the history? Or should we bury those mysteries as revealing them is not going to change the present day travesties?