A total eclipse dawns on you at a certain point of time in your life. This eclipse takes the wind out of your sail and you seem to be at crossroads of your life. Everything looks calamitous, catastrophic, critical and curtailed. You find it difficult to go through the daily chores of life in an amicable manner. Your senses numbed and nailed. You are looking for a ray of hope and you fail in your endeavor or so you perceive. The whole world seems meaningless and your integrity takes a hit. All your resistance against the drag of this phase seems evaporated and you let yourself flow with the evil forces of life. Little do you think that even a total eclipse has a penumbra around; the halo of reality, resurgence, restitution, resurrection, revival, regeneration and reawakening. This penumbra is your hope. Your life is ticking due to this penumbra. This penumbra has the capacity to lift the gloom of the eclipsed life by its incandescence and radiance. You just have to wait to ward off the cascading effect of the eclipse in your life. The period of cooling off is necessary in one’s life in the eclipsed phase to rise stronger. Your endeavor to rise to your expectations emanates from your take on the effect of penumbra and not the eclipse on your life. Black may be beautiful but life is life due to the rainbow colors of a penumbra. You have to choose your color from it to make your life vibrant and make life of others vivid.


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