You admire people for their strength, power, qualities, work, achievements, philanthropy and many more things. You do admire the nature and its beauty, magnanimity and vivacity. You also look at your mentor, peer and family. Spare a moment and look for the admirable aspects of many other things in life. The baby steps of a toddler where he fall, then rise and take another step forward. With a backpack on his shoulders, he forays into an alien world of a school. Even without good grades he is there trying to fulfill your dreams. He may not finish at the podium but still competes. Though interested in arts he pursues science, though interested in adventure he opts a routine life, though interested in freelancing he takes up a regular nine to five job. He may not be admirable for his family but still continues to grind in the daily churning of life. He may not be the benchmark of his profession but he manages to contribute. His earnings even if not extravagant can fetch livelihood for his dependents. He remains cheerful whence he should sulk, remains involved instead of being elusive, remains committed even in an adverse situation and remains thriving even if it is a doom. He is an admirable parent and grand-parent even if you are not admirable enough. He cares for you even if you are nonchalant. He admires you for not so admiring achievements of yours. Admire those who may not be admirable enough but counts in your life immensely. Admire those who are not perfect, who are not achievers and who are not bench markers but those who are imperfect, strugglers and backbenchers because in more ways than one they are successful. Admire those who may not be one amongst the few achievers but one amongst the many survivors in this world.



  1. Really ,u are rite,all are behind achievers ,what about others,they are also not less,they too struggle everyday but may be they are not lucky enough,thanks for this thought:)

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