Look at the clock. It signifies continuity of a system. The ticking of the clock is inexhaustible. The hour, minute, second is a reflection of this continuity. The clock with its temperament of constant motion is an ideal representation of life. Life is like a clock – ticking, clicking, and kicking- it has continuity like a clock. Life becomes liveable if the continuity is there. One should emulate the clock. A small piece of miracle has a colossal impact on life. The time keeper is a constant and always in motion in extremes of conditions. Life faces many ups and downs. It should face all these excursions of life as a clock. Easier said than done, he who is able to withstand these undulations is the real winner. At times the energy propelling a clock seems to be depleting and the continuity seems to be breaking. Life also suffers from such drag and takes a hit. But one should keep heart by remembering the clock which has the power to rejuvenate. Life also has the power to reverberate once the drag wades off. One should not succumb to the life’s miseries and should keep heart that after sunset there is always a sunrise, after cloud there is a rain, after death there is a birth, after night there is a day. As the hands of the clock travels from up to down and again down to up, so is the life. There are peaks and troughs in everyone’s life, one has to go through the motions of these happenings and only one has to remember the clock- ticking.


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