The pain and agony of senility, the inevitability of deterioration, futility of being optimistic and when the world doesn’t seem to be livable anymore, how I wish the clock would have turned back in time. Oh God Almighty you did a mistake! You should have given birth to us in this world in senility and let the clock start then. Slowly the clock would have started ticking back giving certain amount of youthfulness, improvement in health and mind, optimism of getting younger by the passing day. The charm of getting adulthood, the compassion with the spouse improving by the day, the indiscretion of the kids changing into love and dependency and the desires of an adult taking shape would all have been so pleasurable. Then reaching the adolescence and the dreams, desires, effervescence and effusiveness of it would have been so enamoring. The clock further goes back from adolescence to toddler and then into the caring hands of the mother. And then comes the end to that eventful life when there would have been no regrets, no pain, no desires but a very pleasant departure from this world.


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