Wishes are human nature and they need to be there inside a human soul. They are the fuel with which you strive for something and derive satisfaction when these wishes are accomplished. You must have seen the pleasure on the face of a person whose wishes gets realized and also the dejection when not. Whatever be the outcome of a desire is, the perpetuation of this wish goes on. And the desire goes on increasing unabatedly day in and day out. But this world is not enough for the fulfillment of the desires of its people as their wishes are even steeper. Conformity of a wish is always welcome and helps you tide over the stress but non-accomplishment leaves you distraught, dejected, disheartened, disjointed and disturbed. One should be cautious in their wishes, not in its magnitude and achievability but the repercussions of it not getting fulfilled. As one assimilates the achievement of a wish, one should also be able to absorb the non-achievement of it. It’s nothing unusual about a wishful thinking but sulking on its unfavorable outcome is reprehensible. So, many uncrossed wishes need to be pruned, curtailed and terminated from one’s wish list. Small installments, achievable and rational wishes should be the order of the day. Wishes have its importance in one’s life but leading a life on the fulfillment or denial of those wishes is arbitrary, after all humankind is here to strive and strut throughout its existence in this world and realization of wishes are only the icing on the cake. Till then stop crossing your fingers for the  uncrossed wishes.



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