No journey is as eventful and adventurous as your journey from womb to tomb. The much anticipated arrival in this world signifies your existence and identity. From a suckling infant to a duckling toddler your journey is helped by your creator. Your siblings, relatives and friends instill in you the bonhomie and the camaraderie which forms the backbone of your further journey. You are wizened by the efforts of your teachers and guides. You need your companion as a co-passenger and your kids as your baggage of care for an onward journey. The see-saw journey has its moments of pleasure, treasure and pressure. Further in your pursuit you start fizzling, melting and wilting away. As the journey nears the destination you recall the course of your journey- pepper and salt. Everyone has to reach the final destination which embraces you, caresses you, cajoles you and comforts you for making an arduous journey of life memorable and happening.



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