Life is difficult for a normal and an able human being, but for people living with disability it’s a nightmare. The monochrome of a visually impaired, the vacuum of a hearing impaired, the infinity of a distance for a physically handicapped is insurmountable to them. The elephant for a blind is always an enigma. The symphony for a deaf always remains only a visual treat to them. The swirl of a ballet dancer can only warm the cockles of a disabled. They are God’s very own people, helped by Him if not by the worldly brethren. They enjoy life to the fullest despite disability, depravity and despondency. There are people whom we should emulate like Stephen Hawking, Stevie Wonder and their likes. Disability is not a curse for the disabled but for the abled one, for abled people can make the lives of these disabled worthy of their existence in this world. These disable people in and around us who with a certain help will have a better life if not a perfect one. They don’t need compassion but require passion to ameliorate their monotony in life. Those who are hearing impaired are better with a hearing aid, a visually challenged with a corneal transplant, an amputee with an artificial limb and an orthopedically challenged person with implants, assisted devices, shoes etc. These help will provide them the rainbow of colors, the music of a symphony and the ecstasy of a sprint. The abled should come forward to make the disabled akin to an abled, if not perfectly abled.


8 thoughts on “DIFFERENTLY ABLED

      1. The issue is many with challenges are invisible. It requires a longer period of time for relationships to establish and build because when one has a physical challenge – that is the first thing others see.

        God walks with doctors as He does everyone else. All humans err, God forgives and we must too.

        It seems you just set your blog up, no intro etc., it seems you are young physician – or introspective writer. Keep writing.

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      2. Yeah…you seem to be an old hang at blogging or I may say a mind reader as I am new and I am a physician. But you can visit my site for things other than misery and woes. Thanks.


    1. Not at all Laurie. I am appreciative of your knack of recognising people and circumstances. You took it differently and probably I have offended you. We should follow each other often.


      1. Glad to hear. I tend to be intuitive, perhaps due to my own life circumstances. You have not offended me. I wasn’t familiar with a colloquialism and thought perhaps I ought to be sure I hadn’t offended. Thank you for clarifying.

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