All of us have thoughts of and also have a vision of a delectable park in the vicinity. What a park condescends is a rich swathe of flora and fauna, greenery all over, water bodies, pavements, jogger’s lane, benches and shelters etc.? The park has a life of its own- the lush green carpet of grass, the vibrant colors of flowers adoring it, the rich heritage of trees, the soothing water bodies, the articulate shelters and a congregation point. The park has everything which is pleasing to the eyes, nourishing to the body, calming to the mind and soaring to the spirits. The park has everything which is civil to the society, clean to the environment, serene to your nerves and rejuvenating to one’s thoughts. The park has many things and subtleties to offer to the mankind. But the life of a park is meaningless if it doesn’t breathe. What importance does have a body, how adorable it may be, which doesn’t breathe? Even a sick body with life is so precious and lively. The park breathes life when visited by people, animals and avian. The chirping of birds, hide and seek of the squirrels around, the frolicking pups and the kittens, the playful gregarious children, the jogging and fitness freak youths and the convalescing leisurely elders are the ones who make this park lively. The laughter and giggles, the jingles and chants, the hoots and scoots, the sermons and gossips make it vivacious and sprightly. The park reinvigorates self with the dawn and loses its identity with the night. It loses its charm in the summer and regains its worth in the winter. The liveliness of the park is established only with these aliens frequenting it. The park will lose it sheen if deprived of these attendees. It will always remain in an autumn of its health without these lives.


You admire people for their strength, power, qualities, work, achievements, philanthropy and many more things. You do admire the nature and its beauty, magnanimity and vivacity. You also look at your mentor, peer and family. Spare a moment and look for the admirable aspects of many other things in life. The baby steps of a toddler where he fall, then rise and take another step forward. With a backpack on his shoulders, he forays into an alien world of a school. Even without good grades he is there trying to fulfill your dreams. He may not finish at the podium but still competes. Though interested in arts he pursues science, though interested in adventure he opts a routine life, though interested in freelancing he takes up a regular nine to five job. He may not be admirable for his family but still continues to grind in the daily churning of life. He may not be the benchmark of his profession but he manages to contribute. His earnings even if not extravagant can fetch livelihood for his dependents. He remains cheerful whence he should sulk, remains involved instead of being elusive, remains committed even in an adverse situation and remains thriving even if it is a doom. He is an admirable parent and grand-parent even if you are not admirable enough. He cares for you even if you are nonchalant. He admires you for not so admiring achievements of yours. Admire those who may not be admirable enough but counts in your life immensely. Admire those who are not perfect, who are not achievers and who are not bench markers but those who are imperfect, strugglers and backbenchers because in more ways than one they are successful. Admire those who may not be one amongst the few achievers but one amongst the many survivors in this world.


A total eclipse dawns on you at a certain point of time in your life. This eclipse takes the wind out of your sail and you seem to be at crossroads of your life. Everything looks calamitous, catastrophic, critical and curtailed. You find it difficult to go through the daily chores of life in an amicable manner. Your senses numbed and nailed. You are looking for a ray of hope and you fail in your endeavor or so you perceive. The whole world seems meaningless and your integrity takes a hit. All your resistance against the drag of this phase seems evaporated and you let yourself flow with the evil forces of life. Little do you think that even a total eclipse has a penumbra around; the halo of reality, resurgence, restitution, resurrection, revival, regeneration and reawakening. This penumbra is your hope. Your life is ticking due to this penumbra. This penumbra has the capacity to lift the gloom of the eclipsed life by its incandescence and radiance. You just have to wait to ward off the cascading effect of the eclipse in your life. The period of cooling off is necessary in one’s life in the eclipsed phase to rise stronger. Your endeavor to rise to your expectations emanates from your take on the effect of penumbra and not the eclipse on your life. Black may be beautiful but life is life due to the rainbow colors of a penumbra. You have to choose your color from it to make your life vibrant and make life of others vivid.


Don’t wind up the surging wind

Let it reach the fringes of the mankind

To the good, the nice and the kind

To the bad, the nasty and the unkind

To the stable and the fickle mind


Don’t wind up the blowing wind

Let it reach the normal and the weird

To those who can break and who can bind

To the powerful and the weakened

To the saint and the fiend


Don’t wind up the captivating wind

Let it reach the daily grind

To the head and the hind

To the aware and the blind

To the pleased and the pained


Don’t wind up the changing wind

Let it reach the beginning and the end

To the foe and the friend

To the liberated and the imprisoned

To the reckless and the kind



It is said that if you are at the bottom of a situation you are safe because from there you can only ascend. When the hands of the clock reach the bottom of its excursion, it will only go up to reach the top. You fight back to retain your identity when you are pushed against the wall. Crisis situations enhance your ability to resist and regain. Life is full of such situations for each of us and the fighter is the real winner. Every achievement has its obstacles, every life has its undulations, every credit has its falls and every situation has its adversity. You need to be optimistic and conscientious to overcome crisis. Let crisis cross your path but don’t let it lead your path. Let it knock at you but don’t let it knock you down.


Look at the clock. It signifies continuity of a system. The ticking of the clock is inexhaustible. The hour, minute, second is a reflection of this continuity. The clock with its temperament of constant motion is an ideal representation of life. Life is like a clock – ticking, clicking, and kicking- it has continuity like a clock. Life becomes liveable if the continuity is there. One should emulate the clock. A small piece of miracle has a colossal impact on life. The time keeper is a constant and always in motion in extremes of conditions. Life faces many ups and downs. It should face all these excursions of life as a clock. Easier said than done, he who is able to withstand these undulations is the real winner. At times the energy propelling a clock seems to be depleting and the continuity seems to be breaking. Life also suffers from such drag and takes a hit. But one should keep heart by remembering the clock which has the power to rejuvenate. Life also has the power to reverberate once the drag wades off. One should not succumb to the life’s miseries and should keep heart that after sunset there is always a sunrise, after cloud there is a rain, after death there is a birth, after night there is a day. As the hands of the clock travels from up to down and again down to up, so is the life. There are peaks and troughs in everyone’s life, one has to go through the motions of these happenings and only one has to remember the clock- ticking.


The pain and agony of senility, the inevitability of deterioration, futility of being optimistic and when the world doesn’t seem to be livable anymore, how I wish the clock would have turned back in time. Oh God Almighty you did a mistake! You should have given birth to us in this world in senility and let the clock start then. Slowly the clock would have started ticking back giving certain amount of youthfulness, improvement in health and mind, optimism of getting younger by the passing day. The charm of getting adulthood, the compassion with the spouse improving by the day, the indiscretion of the kids changing into love and dependency and the desires of an adult taking shape would all have been so pleasurable. Then reaching the adolescence and the dreams, desires, effervescence and effusiveness of it would have been so enamoring. The clock further goes back from adolescence to toddler and then into the caring hands of the mother. And then comes the end to that eventful life when there would have been no regrets, no pain, no desires but a very pleasant departure from this world.


Wishes are human nature and they need to be there inside a human soul. They are the fuel with which you strive for something and derive satisfaction when these wishes are accomplished. You must have seen the pleasure on the face of a person whose wishes gets realized and also the dejection when not. Whatever be the outcome of a desire is, the perpetuation of this wish goes on. And the desire goes on increasing unabatedly day in and day out. But this world is not enough for the fulfillment of the desires of its people as their wishes are even steeper. Conformity of a wish is always welcome and helps you tide over the stress but non-accomplishment leaves you distraught, dejected, disheartened, disjointed and disturbed. One should be cautious in their wishes, not in its magnitude and achievability but the repercussions of it not getting fulfilled. As one assimilates the achievement of a wish, one should also be able to absorb the non-achievement of it. It’s nothing unusual about a wishful thinking but sulking on its unfavorable outcome is reprehensible. So, many uncrossed wishes need to be pruned, curtailed and terminated from one’s wish list. Small installments, achievable and rational wishes should be the order of the day. Wishes have its importance in one’s life but leading a life on the fulfillment or denial of those wishes is arbitrary, after all humankind is here to strive and strut throughout its existence in this world and realization of wishes are only the icing on the cake. Till then stop crossing your fingers for the  uncrossed wishes.



No journey is as eventful and adventurous as your journey from womb to tomb. The much anticipated arrival in this world signifies your existence and identity. From a suckling infant to a duckling toddler your journey is helped by your creator. Your siblings, relatives and friends instill in you the bonhomie and the camaraderie which forms the backbone of your further journey. You are wizened by the efforts of your teachers and guides. You need your companion as a co-passenger and your kids as your baggage of care for an onward journey. The see-saw journey has its moments of pleasure, treasure and pressure. Further in your pursuit you start fizzling, melting and wilting away. As the journey nears the destination you recall the course of your journey- pepper and salt. Everyone has to reach the final destination which embraces you, caresses you, cajoles you and comforts you for making an arduous journey of life memorable and happening.